The Note-Books of Anton Tchekhov together with Reminiscences of Tchekhov


Maxim Gorky


A translation and collection of writings from Chekhov's notebooks appearing in this edition for the first time in English, this book also contains reminiscences of Chekhov written by Gorky. The reminiscences take a similar form to those in Gorky's book on Tolstoy. Chekhov's own notes are often aphoristic and funny and the note-books seem to have been part commonplace book, part collection of his own observations. The collection provides a combination of literary remains and reminiscences that was a fairly typical practice in nineteenth century publishing, though the Russian element adds a certain innovation to this book. Chekhov's attitude towards literary biography seems to have been less favourable than Gorky's: "When I see books, I am not concerned with how the authors loved or played cards; I see only their marvelous works." (5)



Samuel Solomonovich Koteliansky Leonard Woolf



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Woolmer 14

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