Letter from Moura Budberg to John Lehmann (24/04/1944)

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Reproduced with permission from the estate of Moura Budberg, courtesy of Penguin Random House UK Archive and Library owner of the Hogarth Press collection at the University of Reading Special Collections.

Source: MS 2750/483/1

Image Rights Holder: Estate of Moura Budberg

Letter from Moura Budberg to John Lehmann (24/04/1944)



University of Reading, Special Collections

Budberg, who is writing the introduction to a Penguin edition of selected parts of Tchekhov's notebooks and letters, writes to Lehmann asking, on Penguin's behalf, about the copyright on the Notebooks. She asks, in turn, whether Lehmann has a copy of New Writing.

Handwritten letter signed by Budberg