Letter from S. S. Koteliansky to Cherrell Newman (08/11/1946)

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[[MS 2750/483/19]]

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  St John's Wood,


Nov. 8, 1946


Dear Miss Newman*1,


I have your letter of yesterday's date, and return [the]*2 correspondence between you and Penguin. I agree to [the] fee of £25 for our permission to use "A. Tchekhov's Notebook", as part of a book on Tchekhov to be published as a Penguin book. -


That Alan*3 [sic] Lane of [the] Penguin (and his possible successors,say, Hatay [?] or any other first [?] setler [?] ) should not be able to go on publishing [the] A. Tchekhov Notebooks, in many editions, here, in [the] U.S.A. and all over the world, I should stipulate that [the] fee of £25 is for [the] permission to publish an ordinary English edition of the Penguins i.e. 50,000*4 copies; and for each following reprint an additional fee of £25, for each English edition, be paid to us.


This is only a suggestion, in which I don't insist at all.


Also, it would be pleasant if [the] Penguin paid [the] £25 in advance of publication, as they very often do.


Yours sincerely | S.S. Koteliansky [signature]


* Endnotes


1. Cherrell Newman

2. Author uses a character for the word "the" and so has been typed as [the]

3. Allen Lane

4. small x written under 5



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Letter from S. S. Koteliansky to Cherrell Newman (08/11/1946)


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Koteliansky agrees to £25 fee and suggests that this fee be paid once more for further editions (preferably in advance of publication).

Handwritten letter signed by Koteliansky