A Haunted House and Other Short Fiction

Image of: 'A Haunted House Dust Jacket and Other Stories' featuring a black and white illustration by Vanessa Bell, a blurb and an announcement of the BBC


Vanessa Bell, dust jacket of "A Haunted House and Other Short Fiction"

Source: University of Reading Special Collections: Finzi, Gerald & Joy Library

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A Haunted House and Other Short Fiction






This volume is Woolf's second and final short story collection, published by Leonard Woolf after her death. It collects six stories from her first collection, Monday or Tuesday (1921), as well as six published and six unpublished stories written thereafter. Though Woolf had revised two of her unpublished stories, the remaining four remained unedited; as Leonard Woolf writes in his foreword to the collection, these last four are "only just in the stage beyond that of her first sketch."