Internal note for Leonard Woolf (05/04/1944)

  • typescript internal note for Leonard Woolf (05/04/1944)



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Mr. Woolf.


  1. I enclose a letter from Longmans Green asking for permission to quote from Mrs. Woolf’s books.


  1. You will remember giving permission for us to send the few remaining first editions of Haunted House to some people called House of Books of New York who had cabled to us. The money has just come in, but I wonder if it is all right with Harcourt Brace? Mr. Lehmann thinks we are in order in sending a few copies (they want 10) if we write to Harcourt Brace and tell them that we are doing so, but would like to know what you think.


  1. [two vertical lines drawn on the left of the paragraph] We are having some trouble with Boots. Their order for Haunted House was one of those on which there was delay in delivery. We sent them 275 copies but they are disputing our account saying they received only 250. They rang us up to say that the goods had arrived as there had been trouble over the delay, but they now claim that they telephoned a second time reporting the shortage though nobody here can recall having received any message, and the first we knew of it was when they disputed our account. The Garden City Press Packer is convinced that he packed 275 in three parcels and we have the Railway Company’s signature for three parcels, and also our stock is correct. We are asking Boots to go into the matter again but if they should still maintain they are 25 short, what do you think we ought to do?

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Source: MS 2750/557/1/9

Internal note for Leonard Woolf (05/04/1944)


University of Reading, Special Collections

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Notes enclosed letter from Longmans Green asking for permission to quote from V. Woolf's books; asks whether Hogarth is able to fulfil order from House of Books given they are American; asks for guidance regarding order disagreement.

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