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Fredegond Shove (née Maitland) was born at Downing College, Cambridge in 1889.

Female Poet, Writer 1899 1949 Sep
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Harold George Nicolson was born in 1886 in Tehran and died in 1968 at Sissinghurst Castle.

Male Diplomat, Politician, Writer 1886 1968
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Hope (Helen) Mirrlees, poet, novelist, biographer and translator, was born April 8, 1887, at Erpingham near Chislehurst, Kent, the eldest child of William Julius Mirrlees and Emily Mirrlees (née Moncrieff).

Female Biographer, Novelist, Poet, Writer 1887 Apr 8th 1978 Aug 1st
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The Bunin family lived in Voronezh until 1874 before moving to the family estate in Butyriki in the Oryol province of central Russia when Ivan was four years old. He lived here and was tutored by amateur artist and musician Nikolai Romashkov until August 1881 when he started school.

Male Writer 1870 Oct 22nd 1953 Nov 8th
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Journalist, psychoanalyst, translator, and member of the Bloomsbury Group, James Beaumont Strachey was born to Sir Richard and Lady Strachey on 26 September 1887 as the youngest of thirteen children.

Male Translator 1887 Sep 26th 1967 Apr 25th
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John Banting was born in London in 1902.  His father was a teacher and a bookbinder.  Banting trained as a painter with Bernard Meninsky in London and at the free academies in Paris.  As a young artist, he was influenced by Vorticism and later turned to Surrealism.  His studio was in Fitzroy Squa

Male Artist, Book Illustrator 1902 May 12th 1972 Jan 30th
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John Maynard


John Maynard Keynes (‘Maynard’) was an economist, investor, administrator and policymaker, famous for his innovations in economic theory, and for his work at Britain’s finance ministry, H.M. Treasury, where he helped to fund two world wars and to negotiate two peaces.

Male Economist 5 June 1883 21 April 1946
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John Rodker was born in Manchester on 18th December 1894. The son of Jewish immigrants originating from Poland, his family moved from Manchester to London when he was six years old.

Male 1894 Dec 18th 1955 Oct 6th
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Julian Bell (1908-1937) was the elder son of Vanessa and Clive Bell and the nephew of Virginia Woolf.  As such he literally grew up at the very heart of Bloomsbury.

Male Poet 1908 Feb 4th 1937 Jul 18th
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Katherine Mansfield (originally Kathleen Mansfield Beauchamp) was born into a well-to-do family in Wellington, New Zealand on 14 October 1888, the third of five children.

Female Writer 1888 Oct 14th 1923 Jan 9th
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Basil Kingsley Martin, editor of the New Statesman and Nation from 1931-1960, advocated the idea that a free press which promotes information literacy is one of the most important traits of democratic society.

Male Editor, Journalist 1897 Jul 28th 1969 Feb 16th
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Libby Benedict (17 June 1903-15 January 1990) was a Jewish-American writer active during the pre- and post-World War II period. Dates of her birth and death seem to be accepted, but there are other confusions about parentage and name.

Female Journalist, Novelist, Short Story Writer, Translator 1903 Jun 17th 1990 Jan 15th
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Margaret Stevenson Miller was born in 1896 and was not only a scholar, but also one of the pioneers for the fight against legislation preventing married women from retaining their jobs. Miller attended Edinburgh University, where she received her Masters degree and Bachelor’s of commerce.

Female Academic, Activist, Writer 1896 1978 Mar 4th
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Maria Jolas (née McDonald) grew up in Louisville, Kentucky, with a “traditional liberal Jeffersonian southern upbringing” in a “large family, neither rich nor poor.”[1] After attending boarding school in New York, she left the United Sta

Female Editor, Translator, Writer 1893 Jan 12th 1987 Mar 4th
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Marjorie Thomson


From Nicola Wilson and Helen Southworth, 'Women Workers at the Hogarth Press (c. 1917-25)', Women in Print, vol 2 (Peter Lang, 2022)

Female Manager
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Mrs Cartwright worked at the Hogarth Press as a manager for five years between July 1925 and March 1930. Despite staying at the Press longer than most workers, she is hardly mentioned in either J.H.

Female Manager
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Mulk Raj


Mulk Raj Anand (12 Dec. 1905- 28 Sept. 2004) was a prolific novelist, critic, cultural historian, and political activist whose career spanned several tumultuous eras in Indian history and crossed divides between cultures, castes, and continents.

Male 1905 Dec 12th 2004 Sep 28th
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Olive Moore is a mystery. She first appears on the literary record in the 1920s as a journalist, penning at least 37 articles forthe Daily Sketch, a British tabloid, from 1923 to 1934.

Female Journalist, Novelist 21 February 1901 24 November 1979
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Rainer Maria


Rainer Maria Rilke was one of the most significant modernists to write in German. Born in Prague, then a part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, he escaped the military career expected by his father and devoted himself to literature.

Male Novelist, Poet 1875 Dec 4th 1926 Dec 29th
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Rebecca West was born Cicely Isabel Fairfield in 1892.

Female Critic, Journalist, Writer 1892 Dec 21st 1983 Mar 15th