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Ahmed Ali was born on 1 July 1910 in Delhi, India. He was born to Syed Shujauddin, a civil servant, and Ahmad Kaniz Asghar Beg. Ali completed his primary schooling moving around different cities before enrolling at Aligarh Muslim University in 1926, where he first took a class in English poetry.

Male Academic, Critic, Diplomat, Novelist, Poet, Translator, Radio 1 July 1910 14 January 1994
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Alice Christiana Gertrude Meynell (née Thompson) was born near London but spent much of her childhood in Italy, where the Thompson family could live more cheaply than in England.[1] Her parents provided Alice and her sister Eli

Female Editor, Poet, Writer October 1847 27 November 1922
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‘I caught Alix in profile & saw her old, masterly, advanced’, wrote Virginia Woolf in her diary (Diary 2:135-136) and she was right: Alix Strachey was to be come masterly and advanced but her role as one of the first B

Female Translator, Writer, Psychoanalyst 4 June 1892 28 April 1973
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            Angelica Vanessa Garnett (née Bell) was born on December 25th, 1918 in Charleston, Sussex and died on May 4th, 2012 in Aix-en-Provence.

Female Artist, Book Illustrator, Writer 1918 Dec 25th 2012 May 4th
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D. Whyte

Little is known about the personal life of the enigmatic author Anna D. Whyte. Believed to be born in 1909 in New Zealand, many of her early and later years remain a mystery.

Female Novelist 1909
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Sidney Barrington “Barry” Gates was a scientist, an artist, a father and a friend. During his lifetime he wrote over 150 journal articles in the aerodynamic field, multiple collections of poetry, short plays, and contributed to various magazines as a book critic.

Male Aviation Consultant, Scientist 1893 1973
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Few people know of Beatrice Hastings today, although she was one of modernism’s most complicated and memorable figures.

Female Editor, Writer 27 January 1879 30 October 1943
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Son of Vita Sackville-West and Harold Nicolson

Male Art Historian, Writer 1914 1978
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de Zoete

Beryl de Zoete - Wikipedia

Female Translator
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Blanche Wolf Knopf was an American publisher who served as vice president and director of Alfred A. Knopf, Inc. from 1918 to 1957 and was the firm’s president from 1957 until her death in 1966.

Female Publisher 30 July 1894 4 June 1966
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Caroline Jane Mary


C.J.M. Hubback worked as a translator for Sigmund Freud in the 1920s. Beyond this, little else was known until recently.

Female Translator, Writer 1871 Aug 17th 1959
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Cecil Nathan Sidney



Male 1887 1917
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Charles Davies was a Welsh-born writer, poet, and lecturer. He was born in 1901 in Penclawdd, Glamorganshire. He began his studies at the University College, Aberystwyth.

Male Academic 1901 1953
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Charles Harold Curtis Prentice was an influential British publisher who worked for Chatto and Windus from 1914-1935, where he replaced Percy Spalding as a senior partner from 1926.

Male Publisher 1891 Nov 4th 1949 Jun 30th
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Charlotte Mary Mew (1869-1928) was a poet, fiction writer, and dramatist born in Bloomsbury, London on November 15th, 1869 to architect Frederick Mew (1833-1898) and his wife, Anna Maria Kendall (1837-1923). Mew’s childhood was altogether a happy one.

Female Poet, Writer 1869 Nov 15th 1928 Mar 24th
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Clive Bell was born in East Shefford, Berkshire on 16th September 1881. His parents were William Heward Bell and Hannah Taylor Cory. They had three other children: Cory and Lorna (elder) and Dorothy (younger).

Male Critic, Writer 1881 1964
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Honorary Physician Liverpool Heart Hospital

Male Doctor
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E. M.


Although best known for Diary of a Provincial Lady (1930), and its humorous portrait of a harassed, self-deprecating housewife, Delafield wore many other hats in her relatively short but busy life.

Female Biographer, Critic, Journalist, Novelist, Travel Writer 19 June 1890 11 December 1943
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E. McKnight



Male Artist, Book Illustrator 1890 1954
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Frances Marshall attended the progressive school Bedales where she became a good friend of Julia Strachey (whose biography she would later write).  After graduating from Newnham College, Cambridge University, in 1921, Frances worked for six years (1922-1928) at David Garnett and Frankie Birrell's

Female Translator, Writer 1900 Mar 15th 2004 Feb 5th