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Mulk Raj


Mulk Raj Anand (12 Dec. 1905- 28 Sept. 2004) was a prolific novelist, critic, cultural historian, and political activist whose career spanned several tumultuous eras in Indian history and crossed divides between cultures, castes, and continents.

Male 1905 Dec 12th 2004 Sep 28th
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Olive Moore is a mystery. She first appears on the literary record in the 1920s as a journalist, penning at least 37 articles forthe Daily Sketch, a British tabloid, from 1923 to 1934.

Female Journalist, Novelist 21 February 1901 24 November 1979
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Rainer Maria


Rainer Maria Rilke was one of the most significant modernists to write in German. Born in Prague, then a part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, he escaped the military career expected by his father and devoted himself to literature.

Male Novelist, Poet 1875 Dec 4th 1926 Dec 29th
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Rebecca West was born Cicely Isabel Fairfield in 1892.

Female Critic, Journalist, Writer 1892 Dec 21st 1983 Mar 15th
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Richard Kennedy was sixteen when he started working at the Hogarth Press in 1928. He had come straight out of Marlborough College, having failed to pass the exams that would have allowed him to stay.

Male Book Illustrator 1910 Apr 9th 1989 Feb 11th
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Robert von Ranke Graves (1895–1985) was a poet, lecturer and novelist born in Wimbledon on July 24th 1895 to Alfred Perceval Graves (1846–1931) and Amalie Elizabeth Sophie (1857–1951).

Male Academic, Critic, Poet, Publisher, Writer 1895 1985
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Ruth Manning-Sanders (née Ruth Vernon Manning), writer, was born on 21st August 1886 in Swansea and died on 12th October 1988 in Penzance. She was the third and youngest daughter of John Edmondson Manning, a Unitarian minister, and Emma Manning (neé Browne Brock).

Female Writer 1886 Aug 21st 1988 Oct 12th
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Storer Boardman Lunt was born on July 8th, 1897 in Portland, Maine. Lunt lived a relatively quiet and modest personal life. At the age of 21, he briefly joined the army in World War I in field artillery.

Male Press Worker, Publisher 1897 Jul 8th 1977 Sep 10th
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Best known for work on Shelley. Married Edmund Blunden in 1933 (after her HP book published, 1929), divorced 1945 (no children).

Female Critic, Writer 1906 1971
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A poet, dramatist, critic, editor, and publisher, Thomas Stearns (T. S.) Eliot (September 26, 1888 – January 4, 1965) ranks among the most influential figures in twentieth-century European letters. Born in St.

Male Writer 1888 Sep 26th 1965 Jan 4th
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Victoria [Vita] Mary Sackville-West, poet, novelist, and horticultural journalist, was born on 9th March 1892 at Knole, near Sevenoaks, and died on 2nd June 1962 at Sissinghurst.

Female Translator, Writer 1892 Mar 9th 1962 Jun 2nd
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Willa Muir, née Wilhelmina Johnston Anderson, was called Minnie as a child and sometimes published under the name Agnes Neill Scott.

Female Translator, Writer 1890 Mar 13th 1970 May 22nd
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Born to English parents in Pietersburg, South Africa on 10 December 1903, William Plomer would find early success with his novel Turbott Wolfe

Male Editor, Novelist, Writer 1903 Dec 10th 1973 Sep 20th