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Title Author Genre
A Broadcast Anthology of Modern Poetry Poetry
A Childhood Francesca Allinson Biography
A Collection of Poems (Written between the ages of 14 and 17) Joan Adeney Easdale Poetry
A Derelict Area: A Study of South-West Durham Coalfield (day to day pamphlets no. 25) Thomas Sharp Economics
A Flying Scroll Stanley Snaith Poetry
A Garden Revisited and Other Poems John Lehmann Poetry
A General Selection from the Works of Sigmund Freud Sigmund Freud Psychoanalysis
A Haunted House and Other Short Fiction Virginia Woolf Short Fiction
A History of Socialism Sally Graves Politics
A Last Chance in Kenya Norman Leys History
A Lecture on Lectures Arthur Quiller-Couch Literary Criticism
A Letter from a Black Sheep Francis Birrell Letters
A Letter to a Grandfather Letters
A Letter to A Modern Novelist Hugh Walpole Literary Criticism
A Letter to a Young Poet Virginia Woolf Literary Criticism
A Letter to Adolf Hitler Louis Golding Letters
A Letter to an Archbishop J. C. Hardwick Letters
A Letter to an M. P. on Disarmament Letters
A Letter to an MP on Disarmament Robert Gascoyne-Cecil Politics
A Letter to Madan Blanchard E. M. Forster Letters