Fugitive Pieces

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dust jacket of "Fugitive Pieces"

Source: E.J. Pratt Library

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Fugitive Pieces





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A collection of essays and short fiction, the book is divided into three sections: Shuttlecocks, Weathercocks, and a final Story. The book's title reflects the generic indeterminacy of these short pieces, which range from essays about the ballet, omnibuses and London fashion, to stories about ladies having tea. The pieces, essays and stories alike, share a concern with women's aesthetic sensibilities and gender distinctions more broadly. The extent to which any of this material may or may not be autobiographical is authentically unclear. There is also a preoccupation in many of the pieces with "a sense of interlude" and her concept of selfhood in the "exquisite moment" might fruitfully be compared with Woolf's "moments of being" (11).