Jonathan Cape, Novels of Today (1922)

  • Image of front cover of Jonathan Cape's list of 'Novels of Today' (1922) with orange and brown dust jacket
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This publication is now over 100 years old and is out of copyright in the UK and the USA. To view a fully searchable PDF please click on the full text version.

Source: MS 5799

Jonathan Cape, Novels of Today (1922)


University of Reading, Special Collections


Novels of today,1922 featuring a list of authors and six 'novels of today'. Authors are as follows: Evelyn Fane; C.E.M. Joad; Adolphe Orna; Pierre Hamp; Alan Monkhouse; Grazia Deledda.

This is a single trade catalogue from The University of Reading's wider collection of publishing and book trade series MS 5799. Please note that the University of Reading does not hold a complete run of Jonathan Cape's catalogues and only a selection has been digitised.