Internal Memo regarding 'Drifting Men' (15/08/1930)

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[[MS 2750/96/6]]



RE Drifting Men.

I telephoned the Garden Press about the dedication to be inserted in the above book. They say that they have nearly finished  binding, and that they would have to paste in a sheet after the title page which would have the dedication printed on it – this would cost approximately 25/-. I said you would let them know definitely what you wished them to do by Monday next.  I enclose Mr. Fox’s letter giving the names. They don’t seem to think it would look very well.

I meant to ask you yesterday about the Saturday mornings. Mr. Kenney comes in tomorrow – would you like Miss Strachan to come in alone on the following Saturday? This will be the only one for her, and I think she could easily manage it – anyway it will be very good for her. Will you let Mr. Kennedy know what you wish to be done in this matter?

The Ship have sent up 200 jackets for the Edwardians so that really covers the batch of first editions.

Hungarian Rights of Mrs. [Virginia] Woolf's books still seem to be available, although they were offered some time ago to one or two other people.

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Source: MS 2750/96/6

Internal Memo regarding 'Drifting Men' (15/08/1930)


University of Reading, Special Collections

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Memo updating Leonard Woolf on various matters including the binding and the dedication for Drifting Men, the jackets for The Edwardians and the Hungarian rights for Virginia Woolf works. It also asks questions about Saturday morning staffing arrangements, with the Saturday rota to be covered by both Richard Kennedy and Miss Strachan.

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