Letter from William Plomer to Leonard Woolf (24/05/1925)




[[MS 2750/351/7]]


S. Africa


24 May 1925


Dear Mr. Woolf,


The more I look over what I have written the less trace there seems to be of any libellous or scandalous intention against any identifiable living individual. However, I am very glad you have put the position so plainly before me, and I have once more revised my own copy of the MS [Manuscript] with the utmost care, as any possibility of damages, etc., would probably be even more serious for me than for you. In order to be doubly safeguarded against anything of that sort I suggest a few minor alterations, of which I enclose particulars. If they are carried out I can say definitely that there will not be the slightest ground for complaint of any sort. Naturally I do not like making







changes, but for your sakes and mine fancy must give way to common sense.


As a final protection will you have the following note inserted at the beginning of the book:-



None of the characters in this book refers to any living person, nor are their opinions necessarily those of the author.

W. P."


I enclose herewith the two copies of the agreement, duly signed, and I shall now look forward to receiving a copy of the agreement signed by you, and to hearing that the work has been put in hand.


I must thank you very deeply indeed for the interest you & Mrs. Woolf have shown in the work, for your encouragement and sympathy, and for the terms you have provided,







which seem to me extremely generous in view of the very speculative venture of publishing such a book. Let us hope it will do more than pay for itself, even though we have our doubts.


I should like to say how greatly I regret that it has not been possible for me to discuss the whole matter personally with you and Mrs. Woolf.


Yours sincerely | William Plomer [signature]


P.S. The drawings were not important.

Source: MS 2750/351/7

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Letter from William Plomer to Leonard Woolf (24/05/1925)



University of Reading, Special Collections

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William Plomer writes to thank Woolf and to also confirm that there is no libellous, or any scandolous intent to any identifiable living individual, Plomer states that he has made a few alterations to be sure of this, which should safeguard them both. He writes a note that he wishes to be inserted in the book. Plomer finishes the letter stating that he has signed the agreement and also thanks the Woolf's for their interest in his work, as as postcript he lets Woolf know that his drawings were unimportant.