Letter from Alfred A. Knopf Inc.to The Hogarth Press (01/11/1931)



[[MS 2750/153/28]]


[pre-printed letterhead] [Logo of Borzoi Books] ALFRED A. KNOPF, Inc. 730 FIFTH AVENUE New York




The Hogarth Press


NOV. 1st, 1931


We take great pleasure in enclosing, herewith, our royalty check # 31528 for royalties earned to June 30th, 1931 in accordance with the enclosed royalty remittance reports.


Total Royalties earned                                                                    $ 73.70

Less UNITED STATES FEDERAL TAX withhold (5%)                   $   3.69


Royalty check                                                                                 $ 70.01


Kindly acknowledge receipt.




[A large handwritten tick covers the body of the letter] 
[*receipt sent 16.11.31.*] 
[*90% 16.13.4[?] 5*]

Source: MS 2750/153/28

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Letter from Alfred A. Knopf Inc.to The Hogarth Press (01/11/1931)


University of Reading, Special Collections

Alfred A. Knopf inc writes to enclose a royalty cheque and requests a receipt.


Typescript letter unsigned with handwritten annotation