Letter from Leonard Woolf to Duncan Grant (12/04/1930)



[[MS 2750/133/40]]


Duncan Grant Esq 
Charleston near Lewes, Sussex


                                                                                                       12th April, 1930


Dear Duncan,




We have never sold more than 300 copies of your book @ 8/6 and we still have about 600 copies in sheets.  Would you have any objection if I had them bound up in stiff paper covers as a new and cheap edition at say 3/6 net?  We would pay you a royalty of 10% on all copies sold.


Yours |  Leonard Woolf [signature]

Source: MS 2750/133/40

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Letter from Leonard Woolf to Duncan Grant (12/04/1930)


University of Reading, Special Collections

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Leonard Woolf writes to inform Duncan Grant of the sales of his book and asks whether they can bind the remaining sheets for a cheaper price. He also states what royalties Grant would receive.