Some Early Impressions


dust jacket of "Some Early Impressions"

Source: Bruce Peel Library

Some Early Impressions





From the Dust Jacket: "These memoirs by the late Sir Leslie Stephen, who was the author of Hours in a Library, English Thought in the Eighteenth Century, and first editor of the Dictionary of National Biography, are of the greatest interest to book lovers, dealing as they do with some of the most famous literary figures of the nineteenth century. Sir Leslie, as Mr. Gosse writes in a two-column review about this book in the Sunday Times, 'had come into contact with a larger number of persons than any contemporary author. His personal influence was universal, and his sympathy extended on all sides of him.' The present volume, which contains the only reminiscences that Sir Leslie wrote for publication, is an essential addition to the libraries of those who are interested in Sir Leslie himself, or in the life and letters of the nineteenth century."