Letter from Ship Binding Works to The Hogarth Press (24/06/1931)

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Letter from Ship Binding Works to The Hogarth Press (24/06/1931)


University of Reading, Special Collections

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C. Dimes of The Ship Binding Works informs The Hogarth Press that the cost for Sado per book, considering its 17 sheets of 16 pages, sewn thread on tape, plain cartridge endpaper, linen binding, blocked and matched ink, etc. will be 2 pounds, 9 shillings, 6 pence per 100 copies for a 750-copy order. The terms are 5% monthly. Marginalia: handwritten note that the Press has a stock of 19 of [illegible]. The back side of the page is the Standard Trade Conditions.

Typescript letter signed by Dimes