Letter from Mary Gordon to Norah Nicholls with reply (12/08/1940)

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Source: MS 2750/129/1/61

Letter from Mary Gordon to Norah Nicholls with reply (12/08/1940)



University of Reading, Special Collections

Mary Gordon informs the Hogarth Press that she doesn't understand why the Press is asking for her views regarding Chase of the Wild Goose, and mentions that she is nervous about the book's status. She speaks of a Lord Kenyon whose ancestors were the ladies' friends and that he will take care of the memorial so it will not be exploited locally. Gordon also states that the copyright of The Chase of the Wild Goose is bequeathed to Lord Kenyon's cousin,  and that she wishes the book to survive.

The Hogarth Press state their reasons for pulping the unbound sheets of the book due to the paper being needed to be turned back into usable paper. They reassure that the book will not go out of print as they have 428 bound copies to sell.

Handwritten letter signed by Mary Gordon with Hogarth Press reply typed on the back [the letter from Mary Gordon is currently unavailable to be viewed due to copyright reasons]