Letter from John Lehmann to Curtis Brown Ltd (06/04/1944)

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[[MS 2750/2/1/43]]


601, Carrington House, Hertford Street, W.1.


Mrs. Curtis Brown, 
Messrs Curtis Brown Ltd., 
6, Henrietta Street, W.C.2.




Dear Mrs. Curtis Brown,


Thank you for your letter about Twilight in Delhi. Mr. Woolf and I do not feel we can raise any objection at the present time to the publication of an Indian edition of Mr. Ali's book, though we feel it would be unwise to allow more than one edition of the suggested size of 3,000 copies without further reference. We are not quite sure what our relative position is about the contract for such an edition; perhaps you would let me know about this.


Yours sincerely,

Source: MS 2750/2/1/43

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Letter from John Lehmann to Curtis Brown Ltd (06/04/1944)


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Lehmann grants Ali's request for Indian edition permission and asks for contract terms regarding this.

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