Letter from John Lehmann to Spencer Curtis Brown (17/10/1940)

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[[MS 2750/2/1/31]]


Spencer Curtis Brown, Esq., 
Messrs. Curtis Brown Ltd., 
6, Henrietta Street, 
Covent Garden, 
London, W.C.2.


17th October, 1940.


Dear Curtis Brown,


Thank you for your letter of the 15th about Ali's book. Before he left England, Ali gave me a full list for me to use in sending out review and free copies of his book, and I think, with one exception, it tallies with yours, - and indeed it is more detailed. Of course there is no such person as Randall Swingler Worsley, but both Mr. Swingler and Mr. Worsley will get copies through The Daily Worker and The New Statesman. There is also no such person as G. Ackerly, but Mr. J.R. Ackerley will receive the usual copy through The Listener. I do not know that it is much use sending a copy to George Orwell, c/o New Writing, as New Writing does not review books. Mr. Orwell, however, will be reviewing for Tribune [*The New Statesman*] and may receive the book from the Editor.


I note the two addresses where copies are to be sent from Mr. Ali's own private account.


I do not remember if I told you that it will be published on October 31st.


Yours sincerely, | John Lehmann.

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Source: MS 2750/2/1/31

Letter from John Lehmann to Spencer Curtis Brown (17/10/1940)


University of Reading, Special Collections

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Lehmann acknowledges list and indicates that Twilight in Delhi will be published on October 31st,

Typescript letter signed by Lehmann