Letter from John Lehmann to The Garden City Press (13/01/1932)

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Source: MS 2750/294/4

Letter from John Lehmann to The Garden City Press (13/01/1932)


University of Reading, Special Collections

The Hogarth Press Manager requests The Garden City Press for the second impression of A Letter on the French Pictures, with 2500 copies with covers to be machined. The manager asks the Garden City Press the dates for when the 1st batch of 100 will arrive, and how many days are between press and delivery. The manager also requests the Garden City Press to check if the names on the cover are aligned, and that the phrase Second Impression should be printed on the reverse of the title page under the colophon of the title page. Finally, the manager states that the Hogarth Press requires proofs for these changes, and will confirm the 1st binding order of 1000.

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