Letter from Harcourt Brace and Company Inc. to Aline Burch (27/01/1950)

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Miss Aline Burch 
The Hogarth Press Ltd. 
40-42 William IV Street 
London, W.C.2.


January 27, 1950


Dear Miss Burch:


Thank you for your letter of January 24th. I am happy to report that The Saturday Review of Literature has taken “Reviewing” for one of their February numbers at $125. This probably concludes the first-serial sale of essays from THE CAPTAIN’S DEATH BED.


In reading proof the following queries have been raised (the references are to your page-proofs):


[*Yes.*] Page 10, line 5 from bottom (“Oliver Goldsmith”), should not complications be compilations?


[*Yes.*] Page 80, line 15 (“The Cosmos”), learn for learnt.


[*X Stet.*] Page 122, line 11 (“Reviewing”), should “cancel” be “cancels” or is “which” intended before “cancels”? [*x*]


[*Yes.*] Page 143, line 11 (“Reading”), be for he.


[*Yes.*] Page 147, line 7, yacht for yatch. Also page 149, line 5. [*Yes*]


[*No. Should be Anna in line 17, as well as on line 15*] Page 168, line 15 (“The Cinema”), Anna for Anne. [a line inserted by Giroux reverses the order of the two underlined words]


Page 183, line 2 (“Walter Sickert”) of for if. Yes Page 185, line 4, insert “s” in Aeschylus. [*x Yes*]


[*Yes.*] Page 188, second line from bottom (“Flying Over London”), every glimmer for ever-glimmer. Page 192, line 13, “would be necessary.” [*Yes.*]


[*Yes.*] Page 207, footnote, change to Co-operative. [*x*]


[*Yes.*] Page 214, line six from bottom, change to acquisitiveness.


Faithfully yours, | Robert Giroux [signature] | Robert Giroux


P.S. As I write, the check for $400. has arrived from Vogue for “Flying Over London.” I therefore enclose for Mr. Woolf our check to the amount of $360. in pounds.


PPS I hope we may see the Venessa Bell jacket proof soon. [handwritten by Giroux]

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Letter from Harcourt Brace and Company Inc. to Aline Burch (27/01/1950)


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Robert Giroux of Harcourt Brace and Company Inc. sends line edits for The Captain's Death Bed.


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