Letter from Barbara Hepworth to Dollman and Pritchard (19/05/1941)

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[[MS 2750/550/2/1]]




Miss Talbot 
Messrs Dollman & Pritchard 
37 Mecklenburgh Square 


Dear Miss Talbot,


We have to prepare an Agreement for Mrs. Woolf's posthumous book "Between the Acts". Can you tell me the correct form that this should be in. Mr. Woolf thought it should be 'The Executor of the Estate of the late Virginia Woolf', as we hope to publish the book next month which will be before the estate is cleared up.


I do hope that you did not suffer any more damage in last Saturday's raid.


Yours sincerely, | Barbara Hepworth [signature]

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Source: MS 2750/550/2/1

Letter from Barbara Hepworth to Dollman and Pritchard (19/05/1941)


University of Reading, Special Collections

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Barbara Hepworth informs Talbot that they need to prepare an agreement for the posthumous Between the Acts and asks what the correct form should be. The Press states that Leonard Woolf believes it should be the executor of the estate of the late Virginia Woolf, in order to publish the book before the estate is cleared up next month.


Typescript letter signed by Hepworth