Letter from The Hogarth Press the Readers Union Ltd (13/09/1943)

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[[MS 2750/555/2/21]]


Peter Gamble, Esq., 
The Readers Union, 
10, Bedford Street, 
Strand, W.C.2.




Dear Mr Gamble,


As instructed on the telephone yesterday, we asked The Garden City Press to make the acknowledgement to the photographer Man Ray at the foot of the reverse of the title page in the Readers Union edition of Woolf: Death of the Moth, but we find that it is too late to make this addition as this signature has already been printed.  Perhaps you will like to make the acknowledgement on the frontispiece itself which we understand is being printed separately.


Yours sincerely, | for the Hogarth Press,

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Source: MS 2750/555/2/21

Letter from The Hogarth Press the Readers Union Ltd (13/09/1943)


University of Reading, Special Collections

The Hogarth Press asks if acknowledgement of Man Ray, photographer of Virginia Woolf's portrait in The Death of the Moth, can be made on the frontispiece of the book.


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