Internal Hogarth Press memo relating to the Death of the Moth (08/07/1943)

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1). Readers Union Moth. I have gone into the various proposals for Readers' Union with the G[arden].C[ity].P[ress].now, and find that they are quite willing to drop the heads and set folios centred at foot.  The cost of this will be about £50 for 5,000 copies.  Allowing £5 or £6 for extras, we should see a profit of about £100 on the whole transaction, as the sheets will be sold to Readers' Union at 8d, including royalty, and they will supply and pay for paper.  I therefore suggest the £100 be divided between the Hogarth Press, and V.W's estate.  It isn't much, but it's better than nothing.


2.) The Waves. The reprint of 3,000 copies was put on the market in April.  In the 2 1/2 months since that date, it has sold between 600 and 700 copies.


JL*2 [signature]





1. Leonard Sydney Woolf 
2. John Lehmann

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Source: MS 2750/555/2/14

Internal Hogarth Press memo relating to the Death of the Moth (08/07/1943)


University of Reading, Special Collections

Note detailing costs for the printing of the Readers Union edition of Virginia Woolf's The Death of the Moth and the associated profits which is to be split by the Hogarth Press and Virginia Woolf's estate. Notes aso inform of the reprint of 3000 copies of Virginia Woolf's The Waves in April and that approximately 600 to 700 copies have been sold since then in 2 and a half months. Written on the back of a partial typescript document titled 'Poem'.

Initialled by John Lehmann