Letter from John Lehmann to the Garden City Press (12/01/1943)

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[[MS 2750/555/2/4]]


601, Carrington House, Hertford Street. W.1.


The Manager, 
Garden City Press, 
Pixmore Avenue, 




Dear Mr. Smith,


We have had a request from Readers Union to supply them with about 5,000 copies of Death of the Moth in flat sheets to be printed on their own paper from their own quota.  I would be grateful if you could let me know what the imposition and machining charges would be if we finally come to an agreement with Readers Union.  You should assume there will be changes to be made in the prelims, but otherwise the text as is stands.


Yours sincerely,


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Source: MS 2750/555/2/4

Letter from John Lehmann to the Garden City Press (12/01/1943)


University of Reading, Special Collections

John Lehmann notifies of a request from the Readers Union for 5000 flat sheet copies of Virginia Woolf's The Death of the Moth to be printed on the RU's own paper and quota.

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