Letter from the British Broadcasting Corporation to the Hogarth Press (14/02/1947)

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[[MS 2750/555/1/15]]


[pre-printed letterhead] THE BRITISH BROADCASTING CORPORATION Broadcasting House, London, W.1


The Hogarth Press Ltd., 
40 William IV Street, 


14th February 1947.




Dear Sirs,


We included in the Third Programme on the 9th February, a reading of 466 words from "The Death of a Moth" (The Streets), by Virginia Woolf, as an interlude, in order to bridge a gap between programmes.


I am sorry that we did not get your permission for the use of this work in advance of the broadcast, but very much hope you will have no objection and suggest a fee of three guineas for this reading.  I am enclosing our usual form of agreement which perhaps you will be good enough to sign and return if you are able to agree to these terms.


We have also selected other prose extracts from the works of Virginia Woolf for use with as Third Programme interludes from time to time.  Perhaps you would kindly let me know if provisional consent can be given to the broadcasting of these readings, subject to payment of fees on the following scale :-


A reading of 200 words, or less     ...         ...         ...         1 guinea.

"      "         "  201    "       to 350 words     ...         ...         2     "

"      "         "  351    "       "   500    "           ...         ...         4     "

"      "         "  501    "       "   750    "           ...         ...         6     "

"      "         "  751    "       " 1000    "           ...         ...         8     "


and every succeeding 500 words (or part thereof) over 1,000 an additional two guineas.


Yours faithfully, | E M Layton [signature] | E.M. Layton. | Copyright Department.





[Date stamp] 17 JAN 1947

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Letter from the British Broadcasting Corporation to the Hogarth Press (14/02/1947)


University of Reading, Special Collections

E. M. Lewis Layton apologizes for including a 466 word reading from Virginia Woolf's The Death of the Moth in their Third Programme for February 9th without the HP's consent. He also offers a payment of 3 guineas for the inclusion of this reading as well as other payment offers for the inclusion of other readings by Virginia Woolf.


Typescript letter signed by Layton