Letter from The Hogarth Press to R. & R. Clark (18/12/1936)

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Messrs. R. & R. Clark, 
Brandon Street, 



18th December, 1936.





Dear Sirs,


We have decided to print 12000 copies of the 8/6d edition, and 5000 copies of the Uniform Edition of this book, making 17000 copies in all. I take it that all these can be run off at the same time, and that the binders can make the extra trim for the small crown 8vo edition [crown octavo]. It would be cheaper to do this, and there would seem to be no sufficient advantage in adjusting the margins especially for the Uniform Edition; but if you feel differently about this, will you let me know? I have ordered the paper to be made 40 x 60. The book should be imposed for Imposition E.


Owing to a rise in the price of paper, we have had to order the paper for this book to-day, and in doing so, we have worked on the assumption that it will make 464 pages if Mrs. Woolf *1 decides to include the additional matter sent to you recently.  If she does not include this, then will you print to paper? I think the remaining copies should be added to the 8/6d edition.


[*The quality of paper ordered is 123 reams, 40 x 60. Please confirm if this is sufficient*]


Your faithfully, | THE HOGARTH PRESS. | MANAGER.



1. Virginia Woolf

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Source: MS 2750/577/1/7

Letter from The Hogarth Press to R. & R. Clark (18/12/1936)


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The Press writes to R. & R. Clark with numbers of 8/6d and Uniform Edition editions of The Years requested.

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