Letter from the Hogarth Press to Logos Agency of Prague (25/11/1931)

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[[MS 2750/545/8]]


Herrn. Logos, 
Belskeho 36,







Dear Sirs,


Messrs. Edward Arnold have forwarded your letter of the 20th. to us, as we now control the rights of the above book, which is published in Germany under the title of Ein Dorf im Dschungel.  We are very much interested to hear that a Czecho-Slovakian publisher wishes to issue an edition of this book.  We are however afraid that we cannot agree to an agency commission of 15%, as the highest we allow is 10%.  If you can agree to these terms, we shall be pleased to send you a copy of the book, and to give you our further terms for the Czecho-Slovakian edition.


Yours faithfully, | THE HOGARTH PRESS. | Manager.

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Source: MS 2750/545/8

Letter from the Hogarth Press to Logos Agency of Prague (25/11/1931)


University of Reading, Special Collections

The Hogarth Press write of their interest in the offer for this Czech publisher to publish an edition of The Village in the Jungle however, only 15% agency commission is acceptable.

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