Letter from Ian Parsons to David Higham (31/10/1947)

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[[MS 2750/220/25]]




L. Woolf, Esq., 
Monks House, 
Rodmell, Nr.Lewes, 

31st October, 1947.



Dear Leonard,


Very many thanks for Brunner's letter, which I have handed over to Piers. Also for Vanessa's revised jacket for 'The Moment', which is now with the blockmaker.


With regard to Kitchin, we have been thinking a bit further about the possibility of reprinting 'Death of My Aunt' and have come to the conclusion that before relinquishing the rights, it would be worth while taking out an estimate for the reprint l [sic]. At the same time, I will ask the travellers how many they think they could sell (a) at 5/- and (b) as 7/6 if we reprint it during next year. I have accordingly written to Higham formally relinquishing the rights in the other four Kitchin titles but asking for an extension of time on 'Death of My Aunt'. He has agreed to this verbally.






1. Ian M. Parsons 
2. Aline Burch

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Letter from Ian Parsons to David Higham (31/10/1947)


University of Reading, Special Collections

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Ian Parsons confirms with David Higham that Chatto & Windus will revert the rights of Streamers Waving, Mr. Balcony, The Sensitive One, and Crime at Christmas back to C. H. B. Kitchin, but that they might reprint The Death of My Aunt.


Typescript letter signed by Parsons