Expenditure and allowance relating The League and Abyssinia

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League- Colonies- Tolstoy- Roots

Allowance: - £ 19

Date                         Paper                                  Space                       Cost

Feb 8th.                    Publishers Circular                                              18.8

Feb 5.                      Booksellers.                                                          5.5

April Issue                Plebz[?]                                1/4p                        1.7.0

                                Leaflets 5,000.                                                      2.2.6

Mar 14

Times Lit suppl         Times Lit Supp[lement]         4's.c.[?]                   5.8.0


Mar 14.                      New Statesman                    1/8 page                2.8.0.      12.9.7

Mar 21                      Pub circular                                                         10.6.                                     

20.                              Spectactor                             1/8p                      3.7.6.      16.7.7

Apr 4.                        Time & Tide                             1/8p                      1.14.5.    1.14.5

July                            Plebz[?]                                  1/4p                                      18.2.2



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Source: MS 2750/540/5

Expenditure and allowance relating The League and Abyssinia


University of Reading, Special Collections

Handwritten document listing names of selected advertisers and calculated expenditures