Letter from Norman Leys to Noel Buxton (08/11/1924)

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[[MS 2750/255/40]]


8th Nov. 1924


Dear Buxton,


[*Dear Norman Leys*] [4-5 crossed out words illeg.] I am sorry you are not in Parliament. But I know you arent thinking of that. You will be planning your writer's work.


Five years ago I set myself to get the L<abour>. P<arty>. committed to a certain policy for Tropical Africa, which, no doubt gradually and with modifications, it would apply when it should reach office, whether in one year or in ten. The result was that tract both you and I had some share in. Then the first Labour Government simply threw it over!


Now what can be done? First, is it possible to get up a special





[*Yes I think so*] committee of both M.P.s and others for the study of the subject of the Government of the dependencies of the Crown, meaning by that only those countries over which Parliament has control? I should hope that there are enough men of influence in the party who are specially interested to work out a policy for the next Labour Government to act on. I cannot offer to help except by my book, [*Ask for title & publisher*] which is now on sale. I have spent what little money I had on its publication and thereby robbed my family. If it sells, of course, I should be able to bring out [*Propose to get yr[?] book at once (order it)*]





a cheap edition. But I fear that only socialist papers will review it. But I can do this. I can sell copies at 10/- instead of 15/- for propaganda purposes, to such people as the members of the proposed committee.


You agree I hope that in this matter of the treatment of subject races the Party must make sure it sticks to the principles rather than seek the applause of our opponents. The enclosed illustrates my meaning. Please send it on to Woolf if you think it worthwhile. [*Yes - am arranging to talk whole thing over with Woolf.*]


Fraternally yours | Norman Leys

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Letter from Norman Leys to Noel Buxton (08/11/1924)



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Leys writes to say that he is sorry that Buxton is not in parliament. He talks about a policy, and Labour government. Leys discusses money, and that he could bring out a cheap edition and how much he would sell them for. Leys also speaks about his party principles and also requests his correspondent sends an enclosure to Lenoard Woolf. He talks about enclosures [not found at the time of cataloguing]