Letter from Norman Leys to Leonard Woolf (07/12/1924)



[[MS 2750/255/39]]


7th Oct. 1924


Dear Woolf,


I don't know if you are keeping a copy of the proof. In case you are I enclose a copy of the corrected index.


This is a highly characteristic letter of Andrews, though obviously it is highly flavoured with the ideas of his amanuensis. Andrews is an extraordinary man, half a wily Hindoo, half an Evangelical Christian, half a skilled politician, half an able journalist. I dont of course share his estimate of the results of the book's publication. But I dont want to





forget the object of the book's existence in anxiety to avoid financial loss. And I hope you will let A<ndrews>. have a dozen copies for him to distribute to the Indian press.


I am sending the corrected proof of the index to Clark to di this morning.


Yours sincerely | Norman Leys


My description of Andrews is not meant to be derogatory. He is really an extraordinary mixture. He is also a friend for whom I have great admiration.

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Letter from Norman Leys to Leonard Woolf (07/12/1924)



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Norman Leys encloses a copy of the corrected index. He discusses an individual named Andrews and gives his opinions of him. He asks if Woolf will give Andrews some copies. He also informs Woolf that he will send the corrected index to R. & R. Clark.