Letter from The Hogarth Press to John Maynard Keynes (06/04/1932)



[[MS 2750/210/6]]


J.M.Keynes Esq., 
46 Gordon Square,






Dear Mr. Keynes,


We thought we would let you know that the stock we hold of your pamphlet has during the last few days dropped to under 100.  In recent months of course it has sold remarkably well, and though we cannot be sure how long this 'boom' will last, it is possible that it will be sold out by the middle of the Summer.  We do not propose to reprint, as it has already been reprinted in your book, but if you feel strongly about it, will you please let us know ?


Yours sincerely, | The Hogarth Press. | Manager.


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Source: MS 2750/210/6

Letter from The Hogarth Press to John Maynard Keynes (06/04/1932)


University of Reading, Special Collections

The Hogarth Press inform Keynes that his pamphlet has recently been selling well and will possibly be sold out soon. They do not propose to reprint but do ask if Keynes has any thoughts on the matter.

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