Letter from Peggy Belsher to C. L. R. James (27/03/1933)



[[MS 2750/200/6]]


C. L. R. James, Esq., 
3 Meredith Street, Nelson, 


27th March, 1933.


Dear Sir,




We have asked out printers to send direct to your home address 500 copies of the above book, and enclose herewith an invoice for same. Should therebe [sic] any delay in the arrival of the books we shall be greatly obliged if you will communicate with us.


Yours faithfully, | The Hogarth Press, | [1 illeg. word] Belsher*1 [signature] | Secretary.



1. Peggy Belsher.

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Source: MS 2750/200/6

Letter from Peggy Belsher to C. L. R. James (27/03/1933)


University of Reading, Special Collections

Peggy Belsher informs C. L. R. James that The Garden City Press will send him 500 copies of The Case for West-Indian Self Government and encloses an invoice.

Typescript letter signed by Belsher