Letter from The Hogarth Press to Percy Lund Humphries & Co Ltd (25/02/1946)



[[MS 2750/575/43]]


Messrs. Lund Humphries Ltd., 
The Country Press, 




Dear Sirs,


We thank you for your estimate 132/273 for “The Waves” and “A Room of one’s Own”, which we have pleasure in accepting; we should like 3,000 copies of each title. We are sending you 20 r[ea]ms. E.M.Ant. Wove 30 x 40 50 1/2 for “The Waves”, and 16 1/2 r[ea]ms. of the same for “A Room of One’s Own” and should be glad if you would kindly confirm that these quantities will produce 3,000 of each title. We should also be glad if you would kindly let us know, as near as possible, how soon after delivery of the paper we may expect to receive the sheets.


We now enclose a copy of “To the Lighthouse” and should be glad if you would send us an estimate for 3,000, 4,000 and 5,000 copies of this.


With reference to the “Collected Papers VOl. IV”, we have decided to leave this order at 1,000 copies. Would you please in future let us know when you are ready to deliver sheets, instead of sending them direct to Letchworth, as it is possible we may want them delivered elsewhere.


pos [Typographical error which appears to be a partial spelling or misspelling of ‘possible’ in the last sentence of the letter.]


Yours faithfully, | [signature illeg.] | for The Hogarth Press

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Source: MS 2750/575/43

Letter from The Hogarth Press to Percy Lund Humphries & Co Ltd (25/02/1946)


University of Reading, Special Collections

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The Hogarth Press give Humphries information of paper for reprinting The Waves and A Room of One's Own and ask for an estimate to reprint To The Lighthouse.

Typed letter with signature [unidentified initials]