Letter from Percy Lund Humphries & Co Ltd to The Hogarth Press (22/03/1938)



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[pre-printer letterhead] LONDON - 12 Bedford Square, W.C.1 ESTIMATE BRADFORD - Head Office and Works PERCY LUND HUMPHRIES & CO LTD PRINTERS PUBLISHERS BINDERS The Country Press BRADFORD






The Hogarth Press, 
52, Tavistock Square, 
LONDON, W.C.1.                                                                                                   

March 22nd,1938.




SPECIFICATION - Reprints of Books "Night and Day" -


4 pages Prelims } printed by Replika in black.

540" Text


BINDING Delivered in flat sheets,


SIZE 7" x 4 1/2" upright.


MATERIAL Paper to be supplied by you.


QUANTITY 3,000                 £93.10.0.


(This estimate is based on the price of materials ruling on this date - 22-3-38).




The estimate is given subject to the Standard Conditions of the Printing Trade as issued by the British Federation of Master Printers (which are overleaf), and such conditions shall be deemed to be embodied in any contract arising out of this estimate and the acceptance thereof, unless otherwise provided.


Yours faithfully, | PERCY LUND HUMPHRIES & CO LTD. | R [?] Pollard [signature, middle initial unidentified]




Standard Conditions & Recognised Customs of the Printing Trade as issued by the British Federation of Master Printers


1. PRELIMINARY WORK - Work produced, whether experimentally or otherwise, at customer's request will be charged for.


2. PROOFS - Author's corrections on and after first proof, including alterations in style, will be charged extra. Proofs of all work may be submitted for customer's approval, and no responsibility will be accepted for any errors in proofs which may be passed by him.


3. DELIVERY AND PAYMENT - In the absence of any agreement to the contrary, goods will be delivered when completed and payment for the goods shall be made against delivery.


4. EXPEDITED DELIVERY - Should delivery of work be required sooner than the normal time requisite for its proper production, every effort will be made to secure freedom from defects, but reasonable allowance must be made by the customer in such cases. Should such delivery necessitate overtime being incurred, a charge will be made to cover the increased cost.


5. QUANTITY DELIVERED - Every endeavour will be made to deliver the correct quantity ordered, but, owing to the difficulty of producing exact quantities, estimates are conditional upon a margin of 5 per cent. (in colour work 10 per cent.) being allowed for overs or shortage, the same to be charged for or deducted.


6. CLAIMS - Any complaint must be made within ten days of receipt of goods.


7. STANDING MATTER AND PRINTERS' MATERIALS - Type may be distributed and/or lithographic, photogravure, or other work effaced immediately after the order is executed, unless written arrangements are made to the contrary. In the latter event, rent shall be paid unless any other specific arrangement has been made.


8. CUSTOMER'S PROPERTY - Customer's property when supplied will be held at customer's risk. Every care will be taken to secure the best results where materials are supplied by customers, but responsibility will not be accepted for imperfect work caused by defects or unsuitability of materials so supplied.


9. ILLEGAL MATTER - The printers shall not be required to print any matter which in their opinion is of an illegal nature.


10. PERIODICAL PUBLICATIONS - In the absence of any agreement to the contrary, estimates are given upon the condition that not less than three months' notice is given to terminate the contract for the printing of monthly publications and not less than one month's notice in the case of weekly publications.


11. CONSEQUENTIAL LOSS - responsibility will not be accepted for consequential loss or damage occasioned by errors, or by delay in delivery.


12. FORCE MAJEURE - Every effort will be made to carry out any contract based on an estimate, but the due performance of it is subject to variation or cancellation owing to Act of God, War, Strikes, Lock-outs, Fire, Flood, Drought, or any other cause beyond control, or owing to inability to procure materials or articles except at increased prices due to any of the foregoing causes.

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Letter from Percy Lund Humphries & Co Ltd to The Hogarth Press (22/03/1938)


University of Reading, Special Collections

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Percy Lund Humphries & Co Ltd provides an estimate for printing 3000 reprints of Night and Day.

Typescript letter signed by R. Pollard [middle initial not identifed]