Letter from The Hogarth Press to André C. Truffert (24/06/1938)



[[MS 2750/564/17]]


M. Andre C. Truffert, 
"Mas des Cigales", 
Boulevard Michelet, 
Toulon, France.


June 24th, 1938


Dear Sir,


In reply to your letter of June 15th, we shall be glad to give you permission to use the two English passages from Mrs. Woolf's book Mrs. Dalloway, provided you make the usual acknowledgements to the author, and to ourselves as publishers.


Yours faithfully, | THE HOGARTH PRESS, | Manger.

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Reproduced with permission from Penguin Random House  UK archive and library.

Source: MS 2750/564/17

Letter from The Hogarth Press to André C. Truffert (24/06/1938)


University of Reading, Special Collections

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The Hogarth Press grant permission for the use of two English passages from Mrs Dalloway provided acknowledgements to Virginia Woolf and themselves as publishers are made

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