Letter from Aline Burch to S. S. Koteliansky (25/01/1952)




[[MS 2750/72/20]]




S.S.Koteliansky, Esq., 
5 Acacia Road, 


25th January, 1952.


Dear Mr. Koteliansky,


As promised, I wrote to Miss Newman about the contract which you signed with Newman Wolsey Ltd. for STAVROGIN'S CONFESSION and have had a reply from her.


She says that Newman Wolsey have definitely been liquidated, but that,legally,whatever rights you sold, would be vested in the liquidator. *Miss Newman says, however, that as far as she can remember, there was time limit of five years on the licence to print and that that must be very nearly up. She suggests, and I should think it by far the best thing to do, that you ask the advice of a prospective publisher and show him your agreement.


I hope all this will be some help to you.


Yours sincerely, | for The Hogarth Press Ltd.



1. Aline Burch. 
2. Miss Cherrell Newman

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Source: MS 2750/72/20

Letter from Aline Burch to S. S. Koteliansky (25/01/1952)


University of Reading, Special Collections

 Letter from The Hogarth Press to S. S. Koteliansky informing him that Newman Wolsey has been liquidated, but that the rights he sold are vested with the liquidator.

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