Letter from Aline Burch to Cherrell Guilfoyle (14/12/1951)



[[MS 2750/72/18]]




55 Chesterton Road, 


14th December, 1951.


Dear Cherrell,


How are things with you? This is really a business letter as I've been asked to write to you about a couple of points.


In the first place, have you got a copy of IN A PROVINCE by Laurens van der Post? I seem to remember that you once told me that you had one. If so, would you be very kind and lend it to us? We haven't even a file copy and it's wanted rather urgently.


The other thing is that I was on the 'phone the other day to Mr.Koteliansky and he is worried about STAVROGIN'S CONFESSION: He wonders can he sell it again. I told him that to the best of my knowledge, Newman Wolsey Ltd., [sic] were out of business and that there was apparently no reason why he should not do so. But he'd like you to confirm that they really are non-existent now. Would you be so kind? If you could let me have a note I'd pass it on to him or, if you prefer to write to him direct, the address is: 5 Acacia Road, N.W.8.


All the best for Christmas, | Yours,




1. Aline Burch.

Source: MS 2750/72/18

Letter from Aline Burch to Cherrell Guilfoyle (14/12/1951)


University of Reading, Special Collections

Aline Burch asks for a copy of "In a Province" asking if it is true that Newman Wolsey is out of business, so that S. S. Koteliansky can sell his translation of Stavrogin's Confession again.

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