Letter from the Hogarth Press to Percy Lund Humphries & Company (10/05/1945)

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[[MS 2750/554/11]]


Messrs. Percy Lund Humphries & Co. Ltd., 
The Country Press, 




Dear Sirs,


With references to Woolf The Common Reader Seriesland[sic] II, as the sheets of this are promised for May 15th we assume that the work is already imposed, and as you have not asked for any instructions we assume that you have imposed for double dexter as usual. If this is the case, please ignore instructions given in our letter of May 7th and deliver sheets to The Garden City Press, Letchworth, as in this case the sheets will be bound here.


If, however, you have not yet imposed will you please impose for <Chambers> quad 32 pp sections, and deliver, as previously directed, to Messrs. Leighton Straker of Standard Road, Park Royal, N.W.10. We shall be glad to hear from you that the sheets have been despatched as it is of great importance that there should be no delay.


Yours faithfully, | for The Hogarth Press,

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Source: MS 2750/554/11

Letter from the Hogarth Press to Percy Lund Humphries & Company (10/05/1945)


University of Reading, Special Collections

The Hogarth Press ask Percy Lund Humphries & Company if they have imposed the sheets yet and give two options depending on their answer, asking for the sheets to either be sent to The Garden City Press or Leighton Straker. They ask when the sheets will be despatched as there can be no delays.

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