Letter from Angus Davidson to Leonard Woolf (13/09/1927)

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[[MS 2750/560/8]]



52 Tavistock Square, 


September 13th 1927.


Dear Leonard,


This telegram came from Q yesterday evening.


Here are the remainder of the first proofs of KEW GARDENS. They are sending the proofs on good paper of the first half of the book this afternoon, so I will send them straight on to Vanessa. I suppose she has her sketches? About the estimate. They have now made a further reduction as per enclosed note, which makes a difference of £9. 15. 0. on the other estimate (which I also enclose). There will also be a further reduction, as they estimated for two pages too many; there were two page 16’s and one other on the back of one sheet, but the title-page was apparently not included in the estimate. So this will make two pages less to set and two blocks less (or one, including the title-page), and it also means that the book can be 48pp. instead of 56 – at least I think it does, doesn’t it? 21 pp. of text, 21 blanks, title page and blank seems to make only 44. So this will reduce the cost both of paper and machining. Mr. Blackmore is going to give us a complete revised estimate when he comes back. The item of paper in the enclosed estimate is quite correct after all, as it is a very paper – 85 lbs. @ 9 1/4 d. I hope this is all quite clear. The blocks also were quite right according to the schedule.


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Yours | Angus [signature]

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Source: MS 2750/560/8

Letter from Angus Davidson to Leonard Woolf (13/09/1927)


University of Reading, Special Collections

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Angus Davidson working as an assistant to The Hogarth Press writes that a telegram and the remainder of the proofs have arrived. He informs that he will send them on to Vanessa and asks if she has her sketches. He notifies that there has been a reduction in the estimate and discusses previous estimates given and their inaccuracies and he questions if that will alter the size of the book and final cost. Davidson also informs that Blackmore will be sending a newly revised estimate. He also mentions the type of paper enclosed in the last estimate was correct and the blocks are also accurate.

Typescript letter signed by Davidson [first name only]