Letter from Leonard Woolf to E.M.Forster (21/03/1923)



[[MS 2750/93/21]]




Dear Morgan,


Here is a proof of the label which will be on the spine of the book. We shall not have any but this one.


We made the price 5/- because I dont [sic] really believe that there is any difference in sales between 4/6 and 5/- and 4/6 is an awkward accounting sum. Further, the cost of binding is still so big that the expenditure is a good deal more than I estimated.


I had sent a copy of Pharos to Knopf and to-day he offers 10% royalty. I have replied by return that we will agree to a 10% royalty but must have £25 paid in advance on day of publication. By the afternoon post comes a letter from Harcourt, Brace saying that "it is a delightful little book, but it is I fear too slight and remote to get much attention here."


Yours | Leonard [Woolf] [signature]


Will you let me have label back by return as I want to get everything finished up before we go

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Source: MS 2750/93/21

Letter from Leonard Woolf to E.M.Forster (21/03/1923)


University of Reading, Special Collections

Woolf sends proofs of the label for the spine of the book and discusses his reasoning behind chosen pricing of 'Pharos and Pharillon'. He states that he has written to Knopf and informs him of his offer of 10% royalty.

Typescript letter signed by Woolf