Letter from E. M. Forster to Leonard Woolf (25/10/1922)



[[MS 2750/93/6]]






Dear Leonard,


I hear the Alexandria Guide really is out. I think of asking B.and G. to stock some copies, but am first enquiring whether you, as publishers of P. &p., have any opinion on this matter.


If you want to communicate with the publishers, they are Whitehead Morris and Co., Rue Cherif Pacha, Alexandra. Possibly there might be some mutual advertisement, or being booksellers they might take some of your copies if assured the material didn't overlap. They are an obstinate and mysterious firm, but probably honest.


Manager Mr A. Mann. | Thanks very much to you both for visit | Morgan [signature]

Source: MS 2750/93/6

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Letter from E. M. Forster to Leonard Woolf (25/10/1922)



University of Reading, Special Collections

E. M. Forster writes about the Alexandria Guide and leaves an address of a book seller for Woolf to commune with about stocking copies,he mentions they could stock the press's copies if there is no overlap with Pharos & Pharillon.

Typescript letter signed by Forster [signed as Morgan]