Letter from Samuel Solomonovich Koteliansky to Leonard Woolf (03/03/1923)

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5 Acacia Rd 
St. John's Wood, 
London. N.W.8


March 6, 1923


Doporior*1 Leonard.


'Cassell's Weekly' has accepted three thousand words of the*2 Goldenveiser book at £7 per 1000 words to be published in two numbers of the Weekly immediately. I am thinking of showing the M[anuscript]S to the Mercury.


As the agreement re the [author self-correction] Goldenveiser book differs from the arrangement we had to come to previously, and as you are away, I thought I might as well let the matter rest until you return.


I wonder if you heard anything from America with regard to the Gold[enveiser]. book What a pity that just at the time when some money could be made for the translation in America, you are away. I regret now not having asked you to let me deal with the M[anuscript]S  in America during your absence. I am almost certain that the Century would have taken it, and they pay very well.


What are the terms of your agreement when Seltzer regarding the Bunin stories? I have been asked by the Dial to allow them to republish 'The Gentleman from St Francisco ' in a collection of stories published by in the Dial for the last few years. I wonder if the terms of the Seltzer agreement permit this.


Yours | SS*3 Koteliansky[signature]





*1 Russian for Dear

*2 Throughout the letter the author uses what looks like 'ta' for 'the'

*3 Samuel Solomonovich Koteliansky

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Letter from Samuel Solomonovich Koteliansky to Leonard Woolf (03/03/1923)


University of Reading, Special Collections

Koteliansky writes about 'Cassells Weekly' and that they have accepted words from the Goldenweiser book and states how much they have offered, mentioning that he is showing it to 'the Mercury'. He awaits Woolf's return as their arrangement for this book is different than previous agreements. He asks if Woolf if he has heard from America in regards to the 'Gold' book. He states he regrets having dealt with a manuscript whilst Woolf was away as there was another company that would have taken it who pay well. He also speaks about an agreement with Seltzer about the Bunin stories as he has been approached by 'the DIal' to reprint The Gentleman from San Francisco.



Manuscript letter signed by Koteliansky