Letter from Aline Burch to Carlota Frahm (04/04/1951)




[[MS 2750/351/43]]




Miss Carlota Frahm, 
Lille Langerud, 
Oslo, Norway.


4th April, 1951.


Dear Miss Frahm,


Thank you for your letter of March 28. The question of copies of Turbott Wolfe is rather difficult as the book is no longer in print with us. We are, however, willing to lend Messrs. Dreyer our file copy if you will be so kind as to explain the circumstances to them and ask that it should be returned to us without fail. I am, therefore, sending it to you, registered, under separate cover.


Yours sincerely, | for The Hogarth Press Ltd.



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1. Aline Burch.

Source: MS 2750/351/43

Letter from Aline Burch to Carlota Frahm (04/04/1951)


University of Reading, Special Collections

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The Hogarth Press writes to say that it is difficult to send copies of Turbott Wolfe as it is out of print but they are willing to send their file copy providing it was returned.


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