Memo from the Garden City Press Ltd. to Mr. R. A. Spence (08/07/1938)

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[*Wait [one word illeg.] about this tell Bailey*]


[pre-printed letterhead] THE GARDEN CITY PRESS LTD., LETCHWORTH


8th July, 1938.


MEMO. TO Mr. R.A. Spence.




I have been examining copies of "THREE GUINEAS" which you sent down with a complaint as to the inking, and it does appear that the paper is extremely spongy; it gave out a good deal of fluff which necessitated constant washing up, and after the wash up, until the ink had become re-established, there were bound to be sheets going through with uneven impressions.


As this paper appears to be standard Aldwych Antique Wove supplied by Spalding & Hodge, I am having it analysed to see whether the impression we have about it, is correct, and I am having it compared with paper used for another job of theirs, sent in by Spalding & Hodge and advised as Aldwych Antique Wove.


When I have received the report I will write you again on the matter.


H. C. Coaten [signature]


[*Mention to Bailey*]

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Memo from the Garden City Press Ltd. to Mr. R. A. Spence (08/07/1938)


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Memo from the Garden City Press Ltd concerning ink and fluff problems with the paper chosen for Three Guineas. Includes handwritten annotation


Typescript memo signed by H. C. Coaten