Letter from The Hogarth Press to Weidenfeld & Nicolson (05/04/1954)

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[[MS 2750/550/3/6]]


Weidenfeld & Nicolson 
7 Cork Street, W1




Dear Sirs,


With reference to your letter of 30 march [sic], we are prepared in principle to give permission for a reprint of BETWEEN THE ACTS in an English edition of GREAT ENGLISH SHORT NOVELS for a fee, but in order to determine what fee we should ask, could you let us know what is the size of the edition which you have in mind?


Yours faithfully | [signature illeg.]




[This letter is unrelated to Between the Acts and the previous letter has been typed on the back of this one ]


[pre-printed letterhead] [Logo] THE HOGARTH PRESS LTD 40-42 WILLIAM IV STREET LONDON WC2




Leonard Woolf Esq., 
Monks House, 
Nr. Lewes, S[usse]x.

4th February, 1954.


Dear Leonard,


Aline [Burch] is still away but I expect it's all right about Tuesday. Anyway we shall be in touch with her on the telephone some time and if she's fixed anything important we will let you know.


Envelopes go to you under separate cover, and with this letter I enclose [*a*] proof of your review for Encounter.


Yours ever, | [signature illeg.]


P.S. JAMES STEPHEN went to the printer yesterday.




1. Norah Smallwood

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Source: MS 2750/550/3/6

Letter from The Hogarth Press to Weidenfeld & Nicolson (05/04/1954)


University of Reading, Special Collections

Archival Folder:

The Hogarth Press informs Weidenfeld & Nicolson that they are willing to give reprint permission to Between the Acts in English edition for a fee; to determine the fee, the Press asks what size of edition Weidenfeld & Nicolson had planned. Typescript letter signed by [unidentified initials].


The other side of the document is an unrelated letter.