Letter from The Hogarth Press to The Garden City Press Ltd (02/06/1936)

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[[MS 2750/189/14]]


The Garden City Press Ltd., 


2nd June, 1936.




Dear Sirs,


We have examined the 200 copies of the cheap edition which you bound for us, and we find that 30 of them are defective. In the cases where slips of paper are inserted, you will find that the signatures have come apart in such a way that the thin paper of the jacket is the only support. I realise that the method of binding was necessarily a cheap one, but at the same time, I cannot help thinking that in those cases, the spine is so weak that the book will come in two in the hands of the reader. In the case of the other books, you will find that the pasting of the jacket has not been done properly, and that the front cover looks very unsatisfactory. I cannot help feeling that the defective copies are for the most part the work of one rather <less> skilled person, because we have found packets in which all the copies were satisfactory, and other packets in which a large proportion were not. I should be glad if you would remedy these copies and let me have them at the earliest possible moment. I am afraid that we may be drawing too freely at present upon our supply of extra jackets, and if we find later on that we have an insufficient quantity, I am afraid we shall have to ask you to reprint a small number.


Yours faithfully, | THE HOGARTH PRESS, | MANAGER.

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Source: MS 2750/189/14

Letter from The Hogarth Press to The Garden City Press Ltd (02/06/1936)


University of Reading, Special Collections

The Hogarth Press writes to complain about defective copies of the book and ask for replacement copies to be sent.

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