Letter from The Hogarth Press to H.C.Dudley (04/07/1944)



[[MS 2750/210/8]]


H.C. Dudley, Esq., 
704, Lonsdale Building, 
Minn[eapolis]. U.S.A.



Dear Sir,


In reply to your letter of May 25th, reference JET/B, we are sorry to tell you that our publication Keynes: The Economic Consequences of Mr. Churchill has been out of print for many years. Unfortunately, we have no copy left and we do not know of anyone from whom you might be able to obtain a copy as we are afraid that all the booksellers’ stocks have long since been exhausted.


Yours faithfully, for The Hogarth Press,

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Source: MS 2750/210/8

Letter from The Hogarth Press to H.C.Dudley (04/07/1944)


University of Reading, Special Collections

The Hogarth Press writes to inform H. C. Dudley that the book they have requested is long since out of print and they do not know how to source a copy

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